Remainings of ourselfs


I’ve started reading Jon Ronson’s new book, The Psychopath Test, and a odd but astounding fact came to my mind.

Each time we meet someone we are changed, both in psychological but also in a biological sense. Most emotional memories can’t be forgotten because they make structural changes on your brain. Also and through theory of mind, we have fragmented copies of minds from people we’ve met. Each time we think what another person is thinking, we are creating a copy of that mind within our brain. Since meeting someone causes biological changes and we contain fragments of each others brain with us, we are in a sense the distributed backup drive for every each other. As long we continue to think about the people who died, theoretically, the thing that makes us us will still be alive and running in the collective conscience. We are continually maintaining “the souls” of everyone who died and we’ve met. We are the Heaven. Neat, hum?