What the …? Trees? Seriously?


I was reading hacker news when I’ve seen this post and I’ve seen this:

In Lisp, should lists be replaced with trees?

I’ve read that and all I can say is: Who comes up with this things!?

The idea of using lists as data structures on lisp wasn’t because of we didn’t knew trees. We had trees. McCarthy wrote the paper using lists because mathematically makes more sense. Functionally makes more sense to generally think about lists and particularly about trees.

And further more using data structures is a science, isn’t something you come up while you are waiting in a movie theater. Lisp should have a bigger data structure library, but the fact that the language is written using list doesn’t mean you should use lists everywhere. If you are, you are doing it wrong.

If you think that lisp is ¬dead because it doesn’t output a tree-like structure, seriously, you need to write a lot more code, particularly meta-programming code.