About me

Hi there! I’m Artur Ventura.

I work in Fenix, the Instituto Superior Técnico Open Source Integrated Management System. I also do research work in Artificial Intelligence in L2F.

Personally I have interest in anything that has a chip in it, but most of my attention goes to language development, programming language translation, machine learning / information mining, reasoning, distributed systems and, of course, web application development.

All my life I’ve wrote open source. Though I have developed some small applications, most of them are either hacks, or a combination of hacks and school projects.

In 2006, I published are a interpreter for a small lisp-like language called house.

In 2009, I’ve published a proof of concept for a translator from python to lisp called pnil.

In 2010:

  • I’ve developed tesseract, a way to do queries on java domains.
  • I also developed a small library and GWT compiler hack that allows writing java games and export them to Canvas and Javascript.
  • I’ve developed a catalina log reader with exception removal and syntax highlight, available in github.
  • I developed a meta circular language called JSC in order to write structured OO-JavaScript and published a paper on it
  • I’ve finished my master’s with a thesis (titled Spoken Interaction with Synthetic Entites) about how can we use natural language (NL) to interact with robots, or how they can use NL to comunicate between them.

In 2011:

  • I’ve created a poster containing the entire domain of Fenix.
  • In order to preform some major refactoring in Fenix, I’ve developed a Meta-Object Protocol of Java and a Java code query language. Available in github.
  • I’ve developed a Fenix Domain Browser, a web app that draws uml graphs from Fenix Framework domains.
  • I’ve helped with some logistic in project terapixel, that culmited in Sapo Panoramas. I’ve also developed some HTML5 and WebGL Panoramic views prototypes
  • I did a presentation on Codebits V (titled My language is better than yours) about computer languages, language design and computer science history. You can watch it here.
  • I’ve developed an implementation of the JVM in JavaScript called BicaVM.

In 2012:

  • Installed and configured IT infrastructure for construction and services start-ups

My complete resume is also available.

If you want to reach me try twitter or send me an email.

PGP Information: Short ID : EE55D360 , Public Key