Airing of Greevences: Pinax


I’me developing a web application that has some elements of social network. The problem is that there is almost no web frameworks to start from. The only one I know is Pinax.

Pinax is Django based. Is a bunch of independently developed components taped together with some some code. It actually provides a lot of the boilerplate code that is boring to code (making friends, sending invites, showing requests, etc, etc, etc…).

The problem is that the documentation is a blog post from 2008 with almost no documentation giving only a tutorial on how to set up your development environment, you are forced to use virtualenv to get the components installed, instead of only dragging components to your django folder and updating the installed apps setting and it depends on PIL, the python imaging library, that has no stable port for OS X since the Intel transition, and is a f’ing train wreck to get to work no OS X.

I like django, a lot, but I spend more time fighting pinax than actually moving forward with my project.