What drugs is Facebook taking?


Am I the only one thinking the new interface of facebook sucks to such a degree that I’m thinking about deactivating and moving to Google Plus all together?

First is a mess. The only way I know to change to the older interface is to change the language (fine Facebook, I’m gona learn Afrikaanse so I can use your stupid service). Second, I use the “Most Recent” stream, like every f’ing person on the planet. Having a chronological view of the stream makes sense from every stand point, and I like reading the posts I deem important, not what the “The Facebook” considers “Top Stories”. If the engineers on facebook need an algorithm to determine what is important in your life and what not, than they have a problem. Recomendation isn’t a solution to every single problem on the planet. Then there is this god daam list on the right side that is hard to read because the area is small and they cut the text in half. But there is more! Apparently facebook engineers just got into 2005 and start updating every single bit of the page using ajax. Trendy! Now everything updates, everything moves, and I can’t have this open because it will distract me from my work.


I’m pissed. I might not like change, but this is step back. I don’t know if facebook is aware, but they are at war with google, and this was the most stupid move they could had made. I don’t think having spotify on the page is that big of a deal considering that most of the world can’t use it. And google is gearing up. Hangouts are becaming powerful with the new API. If facebook doesn’t get their act together, they will be the new MySpace.