Acceptable in the 90’s


I’m starting to get this weird feeling. Everything these days is going down the crapper. Earthquakes in Japan, world wide economic problems, governments falling, civil unrest from Europe down to northern Africa.

Back in the nineties everyone could see brighter future ahead with the web, the economic development from the dot com boom, and the new millennium was the promises of peace and prosperity. I like seeing movies from back them, and see how happier they were. Check 40 days and 40 nights, You’ve got mail, Jerry Maguire, Forrest Gump. Even blockbuster action flicks were happier: Men in black, Jurassic Park, Air force One, etc..

Maybe is just me, but with all the CGI, remakes, comic crap and silly chick flicks, I feel cinema was more uplifting 15 years ago.