HTML5 Canvas with GWT


The other day I was playing Final Ninja Zero, a cool flash game. While i was swinging and firing ropes, I wondered if such a game could be written in HTML5 Canvas. After searching the net for a while, I didn’t a good framework to develop games or any graphic thing in Canvas.

So I started meddling with GWT. At work, we started using GWT with our Fenix Framework. The first example was FeaRS. I used the GWT compiler to translate a framework, that I developed, to JavaScript. In this framework you can manipulate high level shapes (Squares, Circles, etc.) and have handlers like in GWT, things that canvas doesn’t support (svg support some of this but svg is for vector graphics while canvas is for bitmap). Also this framework removes the interaction with the DOM, you only have access to elements inside the canvas.

My objective is to create a website like miniclip or kongregate but for canvas games and provide this framework so people could create the games. These games would be embeddable in pages, have server side services as saved games, multiplayer support, etc. Also I would provide support for iPhone and Android in the framework, and also create an application for both Phones so people would have access to accelerometer data, orientation, multitouch data, etc.

Right now, I only have a small set of examples working, but they are coming out nicely.

My question now, is what do you think of this? I’m thinking of investing on this, but i would like to hear what you have to say about it.