I’ve just saw this link on my timeline (Thanks Tiago). It describes accurately how crappy we are as a people.

As a country we are a very rich one. He have natural resources, good weather, good cuisine, etc. But everything that sucks in this country is caused by its inhabitants. We are a lazy people, short sighted. I seriously feel ashamed of being portuguese when I see how the rest of the population behaves.

If you disagree with me read the article and try to prove me wrong.

Iron sky is an independent movie made by two guys about space nazis from the dark side of the moon invading earth. Check the trailer, is so good.

I haven’t laugh so hard in years.

Let me put it this way. Apple could buy Facebook. No loan, no conditions. Straight up money.

(however the soundtrack would be as good).

What would you consider the best move from Microsoft in the last decade? Windows 7? Xbox?

No, a 1.6% pre-IPO stake in Facebook currently valuing at ~1.6 Billions. For just 240 million dollars. Not to mention all the stuff Microsoft got from having a partnership with Facebook (maps in facebook are from bing, skype integration, etc).

Wunderkit is a new webapp from the makers of Wunderlist. Conceptually is the common man equivalent to project management software. You have tasks, projects and you can share certain projects with other users. Very interesting webapp, really good looking, and with lots of potential.

I have invites. If you want to try it, hit me up on twitter.

The specs and price of the new Tesla Sedan. Not that I’m a cars guy but that is some nice gadget.

Apparently there were layoffs in flickr, specially on the support section. I don’t know if these were good workers or not but my previous experience with them was clearly not a good one.

Yahoo is sinking fast, and clearly the new CEO appointment is a move for a sellout. All I can say is that given, Flickr is becoming an unsound place to store my photos.

I was picking my backpack when one of the straps unzipped and the bag fall off by back. This was what my laptop looked like next.

Thank god I’ve bought an iMac and I’m buying a laptop soon.